Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family memories and togetherness...

I love this blog and on this blog, we were asked to about family pictures and where we like to take them and what not. SO, I decided to post some pictures of some of our family pictues and extended family pictures over recent years...I hope you like them!! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Why" I sing- continued....

Well, after that day, I knew I was going to be singing the rest of my life. It was like I had an epiphany and all the planets aligned. So it was soon after, that I began taking voice from some of the best in the business, so I could be the best I could be. Nothing at that time in my life, gave me more joy.  In Las Vegas, I took voice from the amazing Debra Bonner,  and out of town the famous Seth Riggs. (Which I only had a couple of lessons but he sure made me feel like I had something going for me and encouraged me to pursue what I was doing.)

It wasn't until after high school though, that I began singing anywhere other than pageant competitions. First, I tried to start a band, which lasted for a few months and fizzled out, then I got a job at the Country Star Cafe, down on the Las Vegas Strip. I didn't start singing there at first but I did get to meet a lot of big country stars and was asked to model all the apparel on opening night, so I got to hang around stars like Vince Gill, Reba McIntyre and Toby Keith. After about 2 months, from opening night, I was finally given the chance I had been waiting for when they asked if any of the employee's sang and would like to sing for free and at night? And of course I said "YES!!!"

This experience only solidified what I wanted to do with the talents I had been given and my life. Everytime I sang, the costumers loved it and so did my boss. I was "livin the dream". It was during this time too though, that I met my best friend, forever companion and husband, Jason Nash and then everything really changed...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Song Worthy Saturday


I just have to say that I am so impressed with the amount patriotism in the south. No wonder country music is chalk full of song's that honor our country and those who give and have given service so we can enjoy our freedom.

Case in point: The communities in and around the Nashville area, honor an injured or fallen soldier's return by lining the roads holding flags or placing flags in the ground, tying yellow ribbons and waiting as the procession passes. This act of gratitude is humbling and has made a very deep and strong impression on me. I have never seen such a genuine display of honor for our fellow men who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.

These photos are from Army Spc. Jason K. Edens of Franklin, TN, return home from battle today, where he gave the ultimate price for our freedom. Now I was not there and I did not know him but I am so grateful to him and I am proud of our community for the outpouring of love and gratitude. It is something I will never forget. 

You can read the full story by clicking here.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pay it forward Friday

Sometimes, I have found that life is just plain hard and painful and we are left with the question, why? Well, I am in no means a philosopher or smart or an expert or wise but through my own experiences, I have found that for me, it was so I would know and always remember the difference. If life wasn't hard how would I know what joy or relief felt like? So today in "Pay it forward Friday" I encourage you to ease someones burden and help them to feel and experience, joy and relief. Even if its just a compliment that draws a smile. Do it for your fellow men and feel the joy for yourself. Oh and I just LOVE this book, so if you don't have it, I recommend it and if you do, I recommend you read it to yourself and/or to your kiddos again, someday soon. :)

Lots of and much love~Melody :)